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Old galvanized steel pipes are gradually going out of use. In some older homes they will still be working, depending on their age and the quality of installation. However, as a homeowner sooner or later you might face the need of repiping your home. Some signs indicating that you need to have your pipes replaced are low or no water pressure in your water system, water temperature changes rapidly from hot to cold or water becomes rusted. When you notice the mentioned signs, it is time to call Bellflower Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning plumbers. We deliver high quality, affordable repiping services and help you reestablish the functionality and comfort in your own home.

Common Materials for Repiping

Two common materials are presently used for repiping. They are copper and PEX (the cross-linked polyethylene flexible tubing).
Copper is still popular for homeowners in Bellflower area. Benefits of using copper pipes include:

  1. Copper handles extremely high temperatures
  2. Copper does not corrode quickly
  3. It is very cost-effective

PEX pipes are the newest type of piping for homes, being in use in residential and commercial plumbing over the past 20 years and having become an alternative to traditional copper. Benefits of using this type of piping are:

  1. PEX is a flexible plastic tube
  2. No fittings are needed to connect piping,  quick installation
  3. The PEX piping hardly ever succumbs to corrosion, thus pipe leaks within the house are practically eliminated

The Benefits of Repiping Your Home

The benefits of repiping your home compensate for the cost of it. When you call our plumbers from Bellflower Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to have your pipes replaced, you will experience:

  • Adequate and constant water pressure in your entire home
  • Clean water at all times
  • Constant water flow
  • Elimination of annoying leaks
  • Added value to your property
  • Sound sleep, knowing your pipes are in great working condition

So if you desire to enjoy countless benefits that come with our repiping solutions, be sure to give Bellflower Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning a call today! Our affordable and prompt services are unmatched in the plumbing industry.


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